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Welcome to Volunteer Hosting! Choose the Volunteer Hosting Managed Server System and its OC fiber optic connectivity to host your Internet presence. Each month, more and more businesses choose Volunteer Hosting. Why? Because Volunteer Hosting offers the most flexible web hosting plans in the industry. Our Managed web hosting clients benefit from the powerful web site hosting solutions and support provided by Volunteer Hosting. If you're looking for Linux/Unix Hosting, turn to Volunteer Hosting for your mission critical hosting needs.

Copper Personal Plan

Bronze Business Plan

Silver Business Plan

Gold Business Plan

Linux Linux Linux Linux
Domain Registration: $7.50* Domain Registration: $7.50* Domain Registration: $7.50* Domain Registration: $7.50*
Set-up Fee: None Set-up Fee: None Set-up Fee: None Set-up Fee: None
Cost: $5.00 per month Cost: $7.50 per month Cost: $10.00 per month Cost: $15.00 per month
Disk Space: 1GB Disk Space: 2GB Disk Space: 4GB Disk Space: Unlimited
Data Transfer: 2.5GB Data Transfer: 5GB Data Transfer: 7.5GB Data Transfer: Unlimited
Pop Email: 5 Pop Email: 10 Pop Email: 25 Pop Email: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: 1 FTP Accounts: 3 FTP Accounts: 5 FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Databases: 1 Databases: 5 Databases: 10 Databases: Unlimited
Sub-Domains: 0 Sub-Domains: 2 Sub-Domains: 5 Sub-Domains: Unlimited

*Only applies to new accounts.
Email us for quotes on Dedicated Servers.

Web Hosting Plans

All Domain Registrations & Transfers will be invoiced seperately.

Have questions before you buy? Call: 1-866-249-4038 or Email us at: sales@volunteerhosting.net

Our Customers Benefit From Industrial Strength Infrastructure
  • Our equipment is housed in a brand new "State of the Art" 11,000 square foot Data Center
  • Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth Providers (MCI / UUnet, AT&T, Level3 Communications and Savvis/Cable & Wireless)
  • SBC Diverse Path OC-48 Fiber
  • Cisco GSR 12000 Border Routers
  • Cisco 6509 Sup720 Core Network
  • Cisco 3550 Distribution Switches
  • Cummins Diesel Generator (24hrs without refueling)
  • Data Center Staff includes Level 3 technicians on site 24 hours
  • Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect your data
Email Us! With our Service Plans and Prices, we offer unmatched performance and value. We invite comparison. We are continuously developing new technologies and launching value-added solutions for our customers, to maximize your competitive advantage.

We strive to make your web presence a business success. Volunteer Hosting is customer centric and committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and performance to the customer - everything else is secondary. In short - we want to be your web hosting partner and are prepared to prove it day after day, in this new, fast-paced, and exciting era of the Internet.

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